Self Contained Portable Sink for Clean and Safe Food Handling

Today, there are a lot of food stands, kiosks, and mobile kitchens all over the streets and malls selling good foods. These vendors prepare their food products in that stand or kiosk which has a very limited amount of space around it. And because of that, they often have to deal with a lot of restrictions when working on their food products. They will need good and practical equipments that will save them more space when preparing foods. These equipments should pass the right standards for food sanitation and safety so that vendors can make sure that what they are selling are of the best quality as well as clean and healthy. One of the most important equipments for any mobile or temporary food stands is the self contained portable sink.

The first and foremost major factor in avoiding the occurrence of any food borne diseases and illnesses is absolute cleanliness.

And the only way to do that is to have all the food ingredients thoroughly washed under running water and keeping the food handler’s hands clean through proper hand washing. A clean wash with soap and water is very important to prevent cross-contamination of food from harmful bacteria and viruses. The use of alcohols and other sanitizers is not enough to keep the hands thoroughly cleaned. Alcohols and sanitizers are just quick alternatives for controlling overgrowth of bacteria but do not completely clean the hands like hand washing. Soap and water will always rank first in keeping both hands squeaky clean at all times.

When vendors invest on good and reliable self-contained sinks, food handlers of mobile kitchens and temporary stands can maintain a clean and healthy working environment despite the lack of good space around them.

For these people, food cleanliness is something they should never risk since this can potentially destroy their humble business. If they cannot pass the standards set for food sanitation and safety, authorities will be obliged to close the business down.

In the world of food business, it’s not only the food handler’s hands that should be kept clean at all times. Utensils like knives, spoons and forks, plates, cups, bowls, and the likes should also be kept clean through proper washing with soap and water. They can be a good source of spreading food borne diseases that might endanger any food business. Keeping them clean all the time is very important. The use of self contained portable sink is the best way to keep all things clean and safe.

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How To Keep Your Food Supply Safe

These days, more and more people are focusing on the health of their food. It used to be you can walk into a grocery store, buy anything that caught your eye, and eat it knowing you were safe. In the 1980’s, there were problems with Halloween candy and headache medicine being tampered with and people suddenly realized that everything in the store is not guaranteed safe. As years passed, shoppers also realized that even if food is approved by a government agency or the store itself, there is a chance it could make you sick. The good news is, some of this danger is within the control of the consumer and the diner. If you are smart about how you shop and you know how to store and prepare food in your home, you are less likely to experience a food-related illness. The first thing you need to do to make sure food in your home is safe and healthy to eat is to make sure an existing bug problem is not affecting your food supply.

Consider termite control if you are dealing with a problem. Termite pest control as well as other methods of extermination will keep your pantry free and clear of bugs.

Keeping your pantry clean is the best way to ensure your foods items stay fresh. It is important to keep things organized so you know what you have and what needs to be purchased when you go shopping. Many people go to the grocery store, purchase a variety of items, only to return home and find they had plenty of the item in their disorganized pantry. Purchasing more means you may not be able to use it all by its expiration date. If food passes its date of freshness and you prepare it by mistake, there is a chance it could lead to illness.

In addition to keeping your pantry clean and organized, be sure your refrigerator is also clean.

Things have a tendency to leak and spill in the refrigerator, and you can wind up with a mess in no time at all. It is also important to cover items properly if you are storing them in the refrigerator. Be sure your plastic storage containers seal properly and if you are using plastic bags, make sure they are sealed completely before putting them away. Also try to throw away old items at least once a week so you do not end up with a refrigerator full of spoiled food.

If you buy items in bulk, or you purchase meat, poultry or fish that you will not be using by the sell-by date, you can freeze the items. This is perfectly safe, as long as your freezer is set to an acceptable temperature. Be sure anything you freeze is rock solid in order to prolong its life. Do not thaw it until a few hours before you are ready to use. You may also need to defrost your freezer every now and then depending on the appliance’s age.

Finally, be sure any food storage is at least six inches off the ground. This prevents any rodents from accessing bags and boxes. It also means if there are spills or floods, the foods on the lower levels will not be affected.

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Uk Food Packaging – Safe And Secure

Many people don’t think about what materials are being used to ship and transport food. Food items are purchased on a daily basis without much thought or regard for the packaging articles that are encasing the food. In order to keep the food safe for consumption, the packaging must be safe. Not only must the packaging be safe but it must remain safe over time with no breakdown in integrity that might compromise the food inside. UK food packaging is overseen by the government, by the UK Food Standards Agency, to be precise. This agency ensures that there are high standards in the safety of food packaging articles.

UK food packaging has been specifically tested in order to prevent any possibility of spoilage or food borne contamination and illness issues. The UK Food Standards Agency works to ensure there are accessible resources and information available to the packaging article industry on how to safely package and distribute food items. This agency is the one that looks after and enforces the laws that are in place regarding the standards of the food packaging industry. Consumers must be able to trust that the food they purchase will be in good condition and will bring about no harm or safety issues to them or their families.

Packaging articles, in recent years, have been undergoing many changes and evolvements. The enormous amount of waste that comes from discarding packaging has garnered quite a bit of attention and discussion of ways to reduce such waste. This has led to changes in UK food packaging, changes that bring sustainable packaging options to the shelves. Options that can be easily recycled in order to help consumers follow the popular reduce, reuse and recycle motto. Packaging of food items serves several functions, beyond the obvious keeping the product clean:
Protection- the packaging protects the food product both in cleanliness and hygiene and physically keeps it from being damaged.

Information-details of the product are printed on the attractive boxes and bags the line the store shelves. This information tells what the product is, what it contains and often suggestions on how to use or serve the product.

Marketing- the company logo and brand name are typically printed in bright colours and catchy patterns on the box. This draws the attention of both repeat consumers and new consumers as well.

UK food packaging is carefully designed to promote safety first, then to be attractive and informative to consumers. Safe food items are an important endeavour.

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Food Storage Containers ? Store food safely

With more and more people are showing concern over the global warming, governments in different countries are promoting eco-friendly products. Right from less-emission cars to stationary products, everything you find today is made of eco-friendly materials. On the other hand, people are also making greater use of eco-friendly products that do not cause any kind of harm to our green environment. Among various things, storage containers are important household products that are widely used in different parts of the world.

A food storage container is known to be earth friendly as long as it brings down on the use of plastic wrap or foil. Plastic wrap or foil tend to be rejected when all food packed in them are removed, and this contributes to garbage – most of which is not instantly degradable – and thus remain as a pollutant for a long time.

On the other hand, food storage containers keep food fresh similar for time taken in foil or wrap. The only disadvantage with these food storage containers is that you can’t put them in a microwave unless they are deliberately designed as such. However this factor is not considered as it is nothing as compared to the garbage generated by foils and wraps.

Other products that have moved into eco friendly group are grain storage containers and kitchen storage bins. Instead of storing grain in bags, these grain storage containers store more food and last long for years. These containers are made with the most advanced and treated materials available in today’s times. A lot of safety concerns such as Bisphenol A (BPA) which is a kind of plasticizer is known to be related to various health issues including cancer. This has enabled many companies adopt newer methods of manufacturing food storage containers.

The latest variety of food storage containers are made of 100 percent biobase which is cornstarch that has not been genetically treated. Plastic wrap or foil tend to be rejected when all food packed in them are taken out, and this leads to garbage – most of which is not immediately degradable – and thus remain as a pollutant for a long time.

In some places, paper is also used as a food packaging material. Although it doesn’t cause any direct harm to food but for longer times, it can be very harmful for health. Today there are many eco-friendly storage products available in the market such as Food Storage Containers, Grain Storage Containers, and Kitchen Storage bins.

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How To Ensure Safe Food Storage

Ensuring safe food storage is not a simple task. A lot of people who cook and serve food everyday are really not aware of the importance of food safety. If you are one amongst them, this content can help you. This content mainly discuss on some of the important factors that you should consider to provide maximum safety for the consumers. Apart from just helping you in the safety process, taking these basic precautions will also help you to enjoy fresh and delicious food.

When you are getting ready for the food storage process, refrigerator is one of the important areas you should concentrate. As you will store most of your food items in refrigerator, it is very important to maintain it clean. A clean and well maintained refrigerator can last for ten to twenty years without any problems. Moreover, they can also provide the best storage facility for the foodstuffs, if you are doing it with proper care. When you are using a refrigerator, it is very important to ensure that you will always keep the foods cold. Moreover, maintaining a steady temperature that will be between thirty four degrees Fahrenheit to forty degrees Fahrenheit can also help your refrigerator to perform well.

When you are cooking meat and storing them in refrigerator, it is very important to cook according to the recommended temperature. Undercooked meat is considered as a common source of the food borne disease. When you are storing dry goods as well as other canned foods, it is very important to store them in an airtight container in a dry, dark as well as secure area, which is free of insect and rodent access. Before storing these foods, it is also very important to check for dents, rust, leakage and other signs that could be contaminated. Make sure you also keep an eye on the expiration dates of the foodstuffs.

Taking these simple measures can help you to maintain safe Food storage in your home. Apart from the foods, it is also very important to maintain your kitchen clean and insect free.

Basic Food Safety Training Videos A “MUST SEE” for all food handlers. The entire 6 video series can be viewed in less than 30 minutes Used with permission and under license of the Idaho Central Health Department. As always Thanks for watching. Please rate and subscribe. Foodborne illnesses are responsible for more than 75 million illnesses, more than 230000 hospitalizations, and approximately 5000 deaths each year in the United States. In Part 1, we show you 3 types of contamination and how improper handling can allow them to become dangerous to your patrons. Poor personal hygiene is responsible for many foodborne illnesses in the United States. Learn about proper hand washing and personal grooming, illnesses that either restrict or exclude employees from working, and watch a lighthearted example of poor personal hygiene featuring “Harold the Cook”.

Be Safe When Preparing Food

Preparing a meal for a family can be difficult. Planning, buying ingredients, prepping food and cooking takes time and effort. It seems that anything that saves time is a bonus. One corner that shouldn’t be cut, though, is safety. Chop vegetables carefully. Clean all surfaces after transferring foods. Heat the ingredients to a safe temperature to ensure it is thoroughly cooked. Don’t heat the ingredients too high on your non-stick pan.

Why should it be important to find out what temperature the burner reaches? According to Melissa Kempf’s website article entitled “A Few Wellness Doctors In San Antonio Say Get Rid Of The Non-Stick Cookware!”, non-stick pans release toxins into foods when it reaches temperatures above “low”. How toxic are they? Some of these toxins are labeled as likely to be carcinogenic to humans.

In order to save a little time, and of course to sell a product for profit, companies have given the people what they want.

Non-stick pans are easier and faster to use and much easier to clean up, but they are not always safe. Only if consumers are aware of the risk will they be able to make decisions that affect them and their families. The warning must be available somewhere indicating the recommended safety temperatures that should be used. However, only rarely do recipes require only the low setting on a stove top. Yet, despite any kind of warning, people will still use non-stick pans above the recommended temperatures.

Of course, there are other pans that have problems as well. Copper and aluminum have been known to cause medical problems when it leaches into the food. This occurs when food is highly acidic, too.

The safest decision to make while cooking is to use appropriate tools. It would be nearly impossible to enjoy a meal if there was a safety threat. This threat would obviously take repeated encounters to be noticeable, but nonetheless it is still there. Kempf’s website declares stainless steel as the safest choice. Just be careful not to scour off the surface while cleaning the pans.

Humans were not meant to ingest copious amounts of metal, but with a little careful shopping for both the pans and the ingredients, the meal will be safer.

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Is Microwave Food Safe?

Microwave ovens can be found in most kitchens. They are used as a fast way of reheating food, making a quick meal, fixing elements of a meal or preparing an entire meal. Using a microwave oven is getting wide spread approval for the energy savings and time savings it provides the user.

Microwaves have really made cooking fun again. No longer does someone have to take hours cooking a nice meal. Instead they can get the same meal done in a fraction of the time. Many often say it tastes the same too. Others agree, but still feel some of their favorites taste best the old fashion way. It is really a matter of tastes. Another major plus microwave oven users have found there is less mess when using it. They use fewer dishes to make it and need fewer dishes for cooking, as examples.

A microwave heats up the food with dielectric heating by using microwave radiation.

This is when water and food molecules within the item in the microwave are heated. Non ionized microwave radiation goes through the item to heat it to provide energy transferred to the food, which is dielectric heating. This does not mean that the food is being cooked from the “inside out”. Instead, energy from microwave radiation travels through the outside.

Do you know what the best type of microwave oven is? Many consider the microwaves that work the best have low microwave energy, but a higher penetration of the transferred heat. Keeping this in mind may not mean a thing to many consumers. There are many microwaves and many other elements to consider as well. Selling points are often more direct such as the size of the microwave and power levels available, such as defrost or popcorn. Nevertheless, most microwave ovens providing a close range of radiation intensity. Some newer microwaves offer a continued low power heat that is a good match no matter what you cook.

Microwaves have a variety of accessories as well. Some have browning trays and options, for example. Keep everything in mind when looking for a microwave. Since there are so many options chances are you will be able to find the microwave you want and fit all your needs that are also in your price range. But, if you don’t for some reason just consider what you want the most. You’ll find it!

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Safe Foods for Diabetics

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Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce (Type 1) or use (Type 2) insulin. Both types of diabetes result in abnormally high blood-sugar levels, which makes careful control of diet essential. Diabetics are at a higher risk for heart disease, high cholesterol and stroke than the general population. The disease itself can lead to liver and kidney damage and other complications. There are believed to be more than 23 million people with diabetes, including children and adults, in the United States alone. Not coincidentally, the safe foods for diabetics are the same foods that promote general health and well-being.

Glycemic Index

Because diabetics have a difficult time processing sugar in the blood, the general approach to diet is to limit foods that deliver a large amount of sugar to the blood quickly.

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of a food’s impact on blood sugar. Foods with simple sugars will have a high GI rating because they cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. Foods with more complex carbohydrates will have a lower GI score, even if they contain more total carbs because the sugars in the food will be released more slowly by the digestive process, resulting in a lower overall affect on blood sugar.

Fish and Lean Meats

Obesity and a high percentage of body fat are risk factors for diabetes and can exacerbate the condition. Thus, diabetics are advised to stay away from high-fat protein sources, such as most red meat and dairy products, which are high in fat. Fish is a good source of lean protein. Skinless chicken or turkey is another alternative. If you must eat beef or pork, choose lean cuts such as the loin. Avoid fried foods, and when you must use oils, use vegetable oils instead of solid, animal fats such as butter.

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