Uk Food Packaging – Safe And Secure

Many people don’t think about what materials are being used to ship and transport food. Food items are purchased on a daily basis without much thought or regard for the packaging articles that are encasing the food. In order to keep the food safe for consumption, the packaging must be safe. Not only must the packaging be safe but it must remain safe over time with no breakdown in integrity that might compromise the food inside. UK food packaging is overseen by the government, by the UK Food Standards Agency, to be precise. This agency ensures that there are high standards in the safety of food packaging articles.

UK food packaging has been specifically tested in order to prevent any possibility of spoilage or food borne contamination and illness issues. The UK Food Standards Agency works to ensure there are accessible resources and information available to the packaging article industry on how to safely package and distribute food items. This agency is the one that looks after and enforces the laws that are in place regarding the standards of the food packaging industry. Consumers must be able to trust that the food they purchase will be in good condition and will bring about no harm or safety issues to them or their families.

Packaging articles, in recent years, have been undergoing many changes and evolvements. The enormous amount of waste that comes from discarding packaging has garnered quite a bit of attention and discussion of ways to reduce such waste. This has led to changes in UK food packaging, changes that bring sustainable packaging options to the shelves. Options that can be easily recycled in order to help consumers follow the popular reduce, reuse and recycle motto. Packaging of food items serves several functions, beyond the obvious keeping the product clean:
Protection- the packaging protects the food product both in cleanliness and hygiene and physically keeps it from being damaged.

Information-details of the product are printed on the attractive boxes and bags the line the store shelves. This information tells what the product is, what it contains and often suggestions on how to use or serve the product.

Marketing- the company logo and brand name are typically printed in bright colours and catchy patterns on the box. This draws the attention of both repeat consumers and new consumers as well.

UK food packaging is carefully designed to promote safety first, then to be attractive and informative to consumers. Safe food items are an important endeavour.

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